The ONLINE SparkDPP training workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to deliver the Diabetes Prevention Program to individuals at risk for diabetes. Take this opportunity to elevate your career and optimize your earning potential. Click the sign up button today!
Our flagship training program is SparkDPP, one of a select few DPP Lifestyle Coach training programs in the US currently recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hundreds of organizations have worked with us to utilize SparkDPP training, here are a few.


SparkPro Training is part of the Spark family of companies including SparkPeople and Spark360. Because of that, we can deliver the best training from both a human and technological standpoint for both individuals and organizations.


Spark360 combines leading online health and behavior technology and people focused workplace health lifestyle programs. Spark360 has partnered with EMPOWER360 to build a system designed around the total health of our individual members by combining the best of wellness, preventive care, and clinical expertise. This is done through both in-person one-on-one coaching led by a qualified and experienced Wellness Coach and the implementation of our technology portal, all working in sync with EMPOWER360 doctors and medical professionals.

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EMPOWER360 is Direct Primary Care. That means you deal directly with your medical provider so there’s no wasteful insurance bureaucracy to drive up costs, and we pass the savings directly on to our clients and members. We do that through lower monthly costs and NO EXTRA CHARGES - No co-pays, no deductibles, no thick envelopes full of paperwork, no complicated systems, and transparent billing practices.

EMPOWER360 also provides access to our Direct Care Network of specialists and services at NO EXTRA COST. That means we save our clients and members time and money on 85-90% of medical needs, from physical therapy to MRIs to prescriptions, and many other services. It’s all included in the EMPOWER360 program.

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